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  • Balsamic Glaze 1x400ml Brakes 88386

Balsamic Glaze 1x400ml Brakes 88386

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Sweet & thick balsamic reduction in a plastic squeezy bottleSyrupy, thick glaze made from balsamic vinegar. Conveniently packed in a squeezable plastic bottle making it ideal to add finishing touch to dishes and salads. Produced in Modena, Italy. Sweeter and Thicker Balsamic Reduction. Acidity 4%.Balsamic Glaze is perfect for marinating meats, grilled fish and vegetables. Excellent on fresh fruit and salads or can simply be used to garish a plate.This product is the result of a specific chefs' requirement. Several times, they need to reduce the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena while cooking so to have a creamy and thicker dressing to enrichand flavour their precious dishes.It is perfect as a last refining touch on grilled meat and fish but it is suitable for fresh vegetables Suitable for vegetarians.

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