Fara yfir á efnisvæði

Danól is a sale- and marketing organisation. Danól imports and sells coffee from Lavazza and Merrild as well as products from Nestlé.


Our employees continuously strive to maintain a good business relationship with and provide professional service with our current brands: Kit Kat, Lion, Smarties, Dolce Gusto, Purina, Nan, Maggi, After Eight, Toffee Crisp, Gerber, Lavazza, Friskies, Merrild, Rolo Nesquik, Nescafé, Whittington and Quality Street. Many of our most experienced employees have worked with these brands for decades.


Danól offers coffee solutions, which are suitable for companies, hotels, restaurants and cafés. We customise solutions for our customers, and we are actively involved in the continued development of coffee culture in Iceland.


Human resources is the most valuable part of any organisation. We focus on creating an exciting work environment, which attracts outstanding individuals who are interested in growing and prospering with the company.


Danól places great emphasis on offering first-rate products and services to customers and consumers. We are pleased to offer our customers an online business from day one. We set our goals for increased competition and product range, for the benefit of our customers and consumers.