When requesting to return a product, it is important to follow these steps to ensure that credit and the reception of the product will be successful: 


  • Receive approval to return the salable product from your contact person at Danól. 
  • Fill in the product return form (see below) with all necessary information about the product return (e.g. where the product comes from, reason for product return, product number, product name and quantity).
  • Print out and include the filled out form with the return shipment. Please send it electronically or deliver the product return form to your contact person at Danól to receive the insertion number that must be placed on the outside of the box.
  • Put the correct address on the return shipment (Depending on wheather it is Food or Cosmetics / Specialty products)
  • Send the products with Flytjandi or through a salesperson. If the products are sent with other carriers, the shipment will be returned to the sender or the costs resulting from the shipment will be borne by the sender.


Saleable product


  • A salable product is unopened, with all packaging unopened and the product is intact in all respects. Please don't return products that are considered unsalable, as they will not be refunded and can't be returned.


  • If a product is returned but it is missing from the return invoice, it will not be refunded or returned to the customer, regardless of the condition of the product.


Unsaleable product


  • Refrigerated and frozen products are considered unsaleable products as the product's quality cannot be guaranteed after delivery.
  • Unsaleable products are all products that have been opened, have broken packaging, scratched packaging, dented packaging or have adhesive residue after anti-theft protection on them. Note that some products come in larger sales units, boxes, and it is important that the sales unit is intact.


  • Products deemed unsalable will not be refunded or returned to customers.


  • If a product reaches the customer in an unsaleable condition, it must be reported within three days of receiving the product. We request that a photo is taken of the product together with the outer packaging and sent to your contact at Danól. The contact person will then send further information about the resolution of the matter.


Products on sale - timeframe


If a sale product is returned after the published product return time frame has expired, the product will not be refunded or reshipped to the customer.


Food Products 

Cosmetics & Specialty roducts

Product Return Form