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Great emphasis is placed on offering first-class products and services to customers and consumers. 


The switchboard opening hours are: 
08:00–16:00 / All weekdays 

Tel. 595 8000 / 


Service Centre 

We have a strong customer support team that answers phone calls, provides general product information and takes orders. 


The opening hours of the service centre are: 

08:00–16:00 / All weekdays 

Tel. 595 8100 / 


Warehouse and Goods Delivery 

Eimskip and Ölgerðin take care of warehousing, goods delivery and distribution for Danól. 


The opening hours of the warehouse are:
08:00–16:00 / Monday & Thursday

08:00–16:30 / Tuesday & Wednesday

08:00–15:00 / Friday 

(NOTE: If products are ordered after 14:00 on Fridays, the delivery time will be moved to the next Tuesday)


Opening hours of Ölgerðin’s service 
08:00–16:00 / All weekdays 


If you need to pick up food products and specialty products (excluding cosmetics and clothing), these are distributed from Vöruhótel at Sundabakki 2, 104 Reykjavik. 


If you need to pick up frozen products, these are distributed from Fjarðarfrost, Óseyrarbraut 22, 220 Hafnarfjörður. 


If you need to pick up cosmetics and clothing, these are distributed from Ölgerðin at Grjótháls 11, 110 Reykjavík. 

Service Department – Coffee Machines & Appliances 

Danól’s service department is responsible for the maintenance of equipment / machines / coffee machines on behalf of Danól. 


The opening hours of the service department are: 

08:00-16:00 / All weekdays 


An emergency service shift for breakdowns on equipment / machines / coffee machines is available every day of the year by phone 620 8100. 

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