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  • Eggjahræru Blanda Frosin 1x10L BIB

Eggjahræru Blanda Frosin 1x10L BIB

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Perfect convenience:• Pan-ready gourmet scrambled eggs • Liquid freshness• Quick to prepare• Perfect for dividing into portionsKey attraction:• Once served, remains fresh and appetisingMaximum safety:• Pasteurised and guaranteed to be free of salmonella• Aseptic, safe packagingDelicious:• Made from eggs• Perfectly seasoned• Ideal for a large number of creative dishesPreparation:Frying PanPlace the fat in the pan and heat to 140 °C. Add Eifix Gourmet scrambled eggs to the pan. Slowly shift thescrambled eggs (with spatula). Do not let it stick to the pan’s surface. Important: Do not completely cookthe scrambled eggs in the pan! The perfect Gourmet scrambled eggs are fluffy and creamy. Place the Gourmetscrambled eggs in the 70 °C warm chafing dish. When kept warm, the Gourmet scrambled eggs will thickenfurther. Do not have the temperature setting of chafing dish too high, because the Gourmet scrambled eggswill then get dry. Standing time at 70 °C: at least 90 minutes.Combi-steamerPour 3 litres Eifix Gourmet scrambled eggs into a GN container (approx. 66mm high). Pre-heatthe combi-steamer to 100 °C and put the scrambled egg into it. After 7 minutes cooking timecarefully stir the scrambled eggs. IMPORTANT: don’t forget the sides! Cook for a further 2 minutes,take out of the cooker and stir again

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