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  • Carrot bread Súrdeigs 10x550gr

Carrot bread Súrdeigs 10x550gr

Vörunúmer: 940636

Magn per sölueiningu: 10

Magn í kassa: 10

The carrot bread is a delicious and inviting bread with golden tones from carrots. The taste is an experience in itself - especially since the bread is baked in a stone oven with sourdough, sunflower seed and corn flakes. In addition to carrots, the bread also contains carrot concentrate to emphasize the color.

Thaw the products covered with plastic or in a plastic bag for minimum. 3-6 hours or overnight on the fridge. Bake for 11 min. in a hot air oven at 190 ° C. Shelf life before baking (covered): Max. 2 days in a refrigerator or 1 day at room temperatur

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