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  • Chilistykker 35x130gr

Chilistykker 35x130gr

Vörunúmer: 940627

Magn per sölueiningu: 35

Magn í kassa: 35

The chili bread is our most popular sandwich bread. The breads are baked with pieces of red and green pepper, chilli and basil and sprinkled with a barbeque spice mixture with chili, oregano and garlic. The breads have a close curve, which makes them suitable for use as sandwiches. The crust is soft and also tailored for sandwiches.

Thaw on a baking sheet at room temperature for approx. 1 hour or in plastic bag overnight on the refrigerator. The products are then ready for serving. Can be baked max. 5 min at 190 ° C in hot air oven.

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