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  • Banana Pepper Rings Mild 3,78 L Del Sol

Banana Pepper Rings Mild 3,78 L Del Sol

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Looking for a chili pepper that adds both bright, eye-catching color and unbeatable mild, tangy flavor? These Del Sol sliced banana pepper rings make the perfect topping or ingredient for your dining service! Conveniently pre-sliced into bite-size rings, they make wonderfully-flavored toppings for cool salads or hearty subs and sandwiches, while delivering just the right amount of heat. They'll also save your kitchen staff valuable time preparing and slicing. With fun, vivid yellow color, banana pepper rings add visual appeal to your dishes while providing the distinctively refreshing and crisp taste that your customers know and love! Use these banana pepper rings to kick up the taste of meats, poultry, and vegetarian dishes alike. Try topping hot dogs or crispy pizzas with banana pepper rings, or add them to smoky barbequed pork or steak sandwiches for irresistible menu offerings. Include these peppers in popular Mexican-style favorites, like nachos or taco salads.

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Banana Pepper Rings Mild  3,78 L   Del Sol